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Friday, 5 October 2012

Tips on keeping a good coloured hair

1. First, pick the right colour. Your hair and skin should never be the same tone; if you have sallow skin avoid yellow tones and if you have pinkish skin avoid warm blonde tones

2. When going to the hairdressers, use pictures to describe colour. One person’s mahogany is another’s purple, and there is often confusion when it comes to the vast shades of brunette

3. Protection and TLC are the vital weapons in keeping coloured hair looking great. Commit to weekly conditioning masks where the hair is pampered and nourished Blonde hair doesn’t reflect shine as easily as darker hair so a quality hair care regime is essential if you’ve gone lighter

4. After having your colour done, wait a couple of days before shampooing to preserve the colour. Expect to see some residue of colour in the shower on the first wash. Use a shampoo and conditioner designed to look after your coloured hair, as they will keep it more vibrant for longer

5. In between washes use dry shampoo as it can stop the hair looking flat and reduce the tell tale signs of roots that need touching up

6. Never try and hide your roots by scraping your hair into a ponytail – this will only make the roots move obvious

7. Wash hair in warm water. Hot water can further dry the hair and irritate the scalp and the oil balance at the hair follicle. For the first two or three weeks after colouring, hot water may wash out some of the pigments.

8. Protecting hair from the harsh effects of chlorine and salt water is a good idea. Use leave-in conditioners to give the hair an invisible layer of protection prior to swimming, simply spray through the hair before and wear a swimming cap.

9. Coloured hair is prone to a reduction in moisture. Take a three step colour care approach of shampoo, conditioner and weekly hair mask.

10. Using heated appliances is essential to good grooming and getting the best from your style but always use a heat protection spray. Coloured hair is potentially more vulnerable to heat damage due to the hair lacking moisture. The secret is as much in prevention as cure, so follow the three step and keep your hair nourished and in good condition.