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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Hair Bun Styles

So lately I have been thinking about doing something different to my hair. And I am at that stage where I have done every hairstyle I can think about and now I am bored of it.

Don't say...oh, why don't you wear your natural hair...Umm hello, NO! I don't think so. Handling my natural hair doesn't come easy for me. I mean surely we all can't be good at everything, although, if I could get a hair dresser to comb my natural hair and style it everyday, that would be a dream.

Ok, back to the hair bun hairstyle, so I decided to get a bun done but this time not my ordinary natural hair bun hairstyle that I do right infront of my mirror but professionally done by my favourite hair dresser. Although I can't help but wonder how long I can pull it of for. The reason I am wondering is because compared to using my natural hair, if my hair gets rough I can always redo. But if I get it done at hairdressers it's a total different story, #gameover. Unfortunately, I won't be able to fix it by myself, I thought I post DIY Hair Bun Styles below (enjoy) 

Recently I have been searching different type of hair buns styles and I can't seem to make up my mind which one to go for. There is a wide variety out there, different styles and even unique ones too, like having a fringe or plaits added for a bit of style. "Ladies always aspire to differ, following the same fashion trends is like not having a unique style of your own"...Ladivalicous.

If you notice the third picture below has Plaits added to the hair bun and I totally love that idea. 

So I created a collage of different hair bun styles to share.

Ladies with short hair, don't feel you cant join in on the fun. Get some tracks done, my sister has a short cut and she doesn't hold back. 

Two celebrities that really pull of the hair bun hairstyle for me are Kim Kardarshian and Jennifer Lopez. JLo's hairstyles appear so classy and sexy, I can't help but fall in love and imagine I looked that hot lol.

And she carries her hair crown so elegantly. I usually like to do my hair bun right at the top mid part of my head but if I am going to hairdressers what is the point, that will be a total waste to get the same style I do by myself, boring. And a waste of my money if you ask me hence the confusion and exploring different styles.  

In the end I finally found which style I wanted, I am going for one that I can handle and will at least last for some time. I have my hair appointment in 2 weeks so look out for when I upload the picture of how hot my hair journey turned out, fingers crossed! (Stay Tuned) 

Guess which one I chose from the picture above??? 

Cheers Mates! 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bendy Roller Drama

Ladies Ladies Ladies, Do you hate it when you wake up in the morning and you have a banging headache? Then you think back and remember you had absulolutely nothing to drink last, opps hello! It's the bendy rollers. 

OMG I woke up this morning with a "HEADACHE" and I touch my head and there it was my bendy rollers and then my neck began to ache like I slept with my neck dangling off the bed...smh...

So I decided to blog about my bendy rollers, although it is much needed to make my hair look absolutely fab but I can't help but complain at the same time about how much pain I get just because I want my hair to look curly and bouncy. Take about the curse and the pain of being a woman. 
And to make matters worse I never take off my bendy rollers until I am practically out of the door for the fear of my curls getting loose and bailing out on me before I get to flaunt it. So I had a barbecue party to attend...I woke up...yeah with a headache and neck aches...had a shower, slapped my makeup on loool eyelashes and then dress up.

I say 'slap' because in this case I took my time to cake up, you know when you want to look absolutely flawless? Well ladies that was the look I was going for, I wouldn't normally cake up especially to go to work, shopping or just chill

Most times I have no make up on but I don't feel obliged to paste before and after pictures because I am not some make up artist and I have nothing to prove to my audience.. I am just me :p I'm on one love! 

Ladies I have to make up a way we don't have to sleep everyday with bendy rollers...like, your girl is going to put the ordinary bendy roller makers out of business. Just stay tuned and watch out, I just might surprise you, syke! Oh well I wanted to share that annoying moment with you and I am sure most ladies can relate to my pain. I guess I will have a glass of wine for the pain lol. 

Check out the final look below, cheers.. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Instasham Life

Are You Living A Fake Social Media Life

So while having my monthly grooming at the salon (hair nails massage and wax) it came to my attention that people live false life's on social media.

I read an article in Look Magazine UK about the stress, pretence and effort put into living a fake social media life. I mean you should know the amount of time and energy put into being something you are not compared to all the time put into getting the right picture, cropping, filtering and pasting the pictures to appear cool! 

I say if it is "Fake" then YOU are NOT "Cool" loool I laugh out loud because I can't imagine why? Why you would bother, why you would have such time and if you have some kind of complex? 

Surely you must feel confident in yourself to believe or not give a damn about what people think, right? 

Oh well it's just a bit sad and yet almost unbelievable, call me naive but I never thought it would get to this. Maybe some people are not happy with themselves that they have to go through measures to  painting a differnt picture. 

My advise is love yourself more.... "Drops Mic!" 

What's your opinion if you care to give 💋