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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Jay Z and Solange Damage Control or Not

Ok so I know this is old news and people are probably moving on from it but I couldn't help but blog about this juicy story when I saw a picture last night (please see below).

So there has been a lot of speculation and different stories to Chun Solange and Jay Z's awkward moment in the lift. Some say it was Jay Z's fault (please appreciate I am holding back because beyonces fans are watching lol), some other people say Chun Solange was standing up for her sister...what do you think? What would make Chun Solange disrespect Hova in front of Queen Beyonce?

Although I love to mind my business and not give in to gossip about other people but I can't help but wonder, guess or assume what possibly went down in the lift. However, back to why I am blogging about this rinsed out topic, would you call the picture of the "Happy Family Pose" damage control or not? But surely both families are entitled to keep their business or differences to themselves, right? 

The pictures going round doesn't help the curiousity brewing that most people forget that everyone, celebrity or not is entitled to their privacy. (See pictures below

Oh well forgive me for being curious but y'll need to take a step back and drop it, however, the funny pictures are hilarious. Social media will never stop and think how this may affect Beyonce's marriage and how many times she will have to comfort Jay Z about the situation. For the audience who love juicy news, this is just another entertaining part of a celebrity's life........

Oops! Just one last time..

Saturday, 17 May 2014

2014 Hello, So I Am Back

Hello World!, so I took time out to concerntrate on me, I took time out to concerntrate on myself, I took time out to grow as an adult, I took time out to grow as an individual,I took time out to find myself, who I am...

I have missed blogging a whole lot, I have had opinions and ideas cooking up in my head and I bet my other half is tired of hearing me talk non-stop lol. Sometimes a blogger has to take a step back, I had to take a step back to discover myself and my purpose on earth...yeah!!!, as deep as that sounds and funny but actually true. 

Blogging...Blogging is like my first love, I always loved to write, from poems to pouring my heart out since I got my first diary. I have always been interested in the use of words, expressions, literature or anything creative. My mum always encouraged me to write down what I feel, she got me my first diary, I still have all my diaries and reading random pages from them makes me smile. 

To cut the long story short I am glad to be back to blogging and I am very excited!!!