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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bendy Roller Drama

Ladies Ladies Ladies, Do you hate it when you wake up in the morning and you have a banging headache? Then you think back and remember you had absulolutely nothing to drink last, opps hello! It's the bendy rollers. 

OMG I woke up this morning with a "HEADACHE" and I touch my head and there it was my bendy rollers and then my neck began to ache like I slept with my neck dangling off the bed...smh...

So I decided to blog about my bendy rollers, although it is much needed to make my hair look absolutely fab but I can't help but complain at the same time about how much pain I get just because I want my hair to look curly and bouncy. Take about the curse and the pain of being a woman. 
And to make matters worse I never take off my bendy rollers until I am practically out of the door for the fear of my curls getting loose and bailing out on me before I get to flaunt it. So I had a barbecue party to attend...I woke up...yeah with a headache and neck aches...had a shower, slapped my makeup on loool eyelashes and then dress up.

I say 'slap' because in this case I took my time to cake up, you know when you want to look absolutely flawless? Well ladies that was the look I was going for, I wouldn't normally cake up especially to go to work, shopping or just chill

Most times I have no make up on but I don't feel obliged to paste before and after pictures because I am not some make up artist and I have nothing to prove to my audience.. I am just me :p I'm on one love! 

Ladies I have to make up a way we don't have to sleep everyday with bendy rollers...like, your girl is going to put the ordinary bendy roller makers out of business. Just stay tuned and watch out, I just might surprise you, syke! Oh well I wanted to share that annoying moment with you and I am sure most ladies can relate to my pain. I guess I will have a glass of wine for the pain lol. 

Check out the final look below, cheers.. 

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