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Wednesday, 15 June 2011


The hype going on about being skinny and thin is ridiculous, I have been skinny once, although I kept getting compliments about my body and also numerous questions about how I keep fit. Most of my friends said I am lucky, some encouraged I remain skinny but what they didn't know was I wasn't happy about my body. I did not feel happy in my body because I didn't feel like a woman, my body felt like a child's own. I am not even going to attempt getting into the countless times I have been asked for ID at the shops just to buy wine and the continuous arguments  I had with shop attendants proofing my age. I am not saying it is a bad thing to be skinny but the way it is being flaunted in society today people don't get it. They don't understand the difference between keeping fit and skinny or starving and taking all types of diets just to be skinny. I love food, I eat more food than my partner, I eat everything that is high in fat and I eat at 12pm at night if I am hungry. Yes i do, as annoying as it might sound to a few people but that is just me. Maybe it is because I am lucky that I have high metabolism or I never let myself get to the fat stage of no return. But one thing for sure is that if Fat dares show its self in the mirror I am looking at I will workout that Ugly Fat growing on my body. I have been brought up by a man "My Dad" to always exercise and be fit, according to him; "I don't raise Fat children" . As annoying as it was for me to always jog round my street twice at 6am in the morning and go to gym afterwards, today I thank him for that and I will probably teach my children the same. Because it has its effects on my life, I will always be that fit person because of him.

BEFORE                                                                                  AFTER
If you notice the first picture, look at my chest and how skinny it looks, I was a size 4-6 and the after picture a size 8. It took a while before I could sustain a size 8 without loosing it all after gaining weight. I prefer myself this way to when I was skinny, I have embraced my curves and will keep on trying to sustain my body to size 8 being skinny is not an option for me. Today I was reading articles on how famous brand names are embracing women with a bit more flesh than the ordinary size 0 on the catwalk. I think girls who have insecurities about their weight should embrace this, I think everyone should embrace keeping fit. I don't think keeping fit is only to maintain a nice body, it is also to feel good body and soul, it keeps you active and in control.

Christina Aguilera (PA)Beyoncé (PA)Kim Kardashian (PA)

This season is the rise of the curvy women, so skinny ladies out there should watch out, hmmm I laugh in silence that I am not one heehe...Even Italian Fashion Vogue is dancing to the beat of the curvy women. There are a lot of celebrities out there who have embraced their curves but work hard to stay in shape and maintain the curves like Beyonce Kim K Christina etc. Skinny and plus size women should learn a lesson from this. You can love food and still look hotter than a size 0. Hey I love food a much as you do but I am not willing to compromise my looks and self esteem for food, therefore "Food is not my Friend". Meaning if it is bad for me then I am not going to over do it...Say no to comfort eating, eating and then throwing it all up or eating and being on a diet 24/7 and if it helps, use JENNIFER HUDSON or FAT JOE work out and keep healthy.

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