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Sunday, 24 July 2011


"Beyond Help" that was what paramedics said when they got to Amy Winehouse House at Camden, Beyond Help was the end of the Genius Soul Singer and Star Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse was found dead on Saturday the 23rd of July 2011at 3.45pm in the afternoon. At first the police announced the death of the star as "unexplained" then it was announced that it was too early to speculate on a cause of her death but sources (sky) suspected she overdosed on drugs. There goes the rise and fall of a beautiful song bird with a darkness. She died on Saturday aged 27, 27 and the myth that surrounds it, we have lost a lot of talents and great people but sad to say, Amy Winehouse case was expected by the world and her parents have been very concerned and supportive. I love Amy, I remember when I had tough times in my life, I used to listen to her album to cheer me up and lift me on my lonely walk to Uni. It was like her words made me accept my problems and be strong.

She is or was one of my favorite artists, there is this sound in her voice that gives you the chills and her words pierces through me. For me she was real, anything you saw about Amy was true, it is like you can tell a lot about her by looking at her. You almost pity her, such a huge talent that couldn't find peace and serenity but darkness and addiction. I am sure her music touched us all and for those that didn't really fancy her personality, you have to admit you have moved to one or two of her tracks. She is truly quality, I feel sorry for her parents, loved ones and fans who sang to her songs in the mirror....I know I did (cringe..shy)...I will say in my dark times I really appreciated Back to Black and Love is a losing game. Funny enough, I was singing to the song and telling the hunk how much I really appreciated her as an artist and how deep her song gets me thinking and the next day I heard :(.



  1. Such an unfortunate event.

    - Kimberly

  2. RIP :((