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Tuesday, 5 July 2011


If you have logged into any social network recently then you will know the meaning of the word PLANKING. OMG it is taking over the internet and everyone is trying it except me..(cant be bothered). I was at my mates house the other day, we were having a laugh, watching TV and sharing gossip. Then my friend's mate looked at her phone and said; people are really taking this "planking trend" too far. And I asked 'What is Planking?' and they both laughed and said you don't know what planking is? I was like; I don't have a clue, so my friend's mate passed the phone to me to see a picture of one of her other friend laying straight on top of a fridge!..O_O...I was shocked.... I asked; errrr what is the whole idea and deal with planking, why is she on top of the fridge...They both laughed and quickly went through their blackberry phones for more pictures. I was surprised at the press this new trend "planking" is getting. I saw about 10 pictures of different people planking from tables, fences, chairs etc I was told it started in America and now in Nigeria people are on it and putting up pictures of planking on Facebook Twitter MySpace and BBM.

Very Shocked at the thought of how far people are willing to plank to show off how daring they can be, I went on to research more on it like looking up pictures of people going with the movement lool "planking movement" and believe me people are taking it so serious its ridiculous..(just my opinion)... You have got Brezzy and all your rappers doing it as well...

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