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Friday, 20 May 2011


Although you can't physically hold it in your hands, you can see the sun's energy as light, feel it as warmth, and see evidence of it in the life around you. You can hear the invisible energy of the thunder during a rain storm and see purple bolts of lighting through clouds. The stimulating effects of a nutritious diet can make you more aware of your strength and stamina
Positive mental energy, too, can be transmitted through a kind word or a thoughtful gesture. Healing energy is conveyed through laying of hands, Reiki, touch therapy, massage, or simple human contact. Energy can come in the form of inspiration, prayer, meditation, and exercise, as well as from time spent alone, in nature, and with family and friends.
Energy is vital. Energy is power. Along with oxygen and water, we need energy in order to survive and thrive. No matter how much we already have, we can always use more. We need large amounts of energy to get through our hectic schedules and deal with the demands of modern life; sadly, most of us don't have nearly enough of this precious resource. It's an elusive, mysterious force that courses through our being. We know when we have it, and we know when it's flagging.
I hope these energizing tips will help guide you towards recharging your physical body, restoring your spirit, and revitalizing your mental capacities. May you recapture your zest for life, your happiness, your wholeness and your physical stamina.....stephanie tourles

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