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Monday, 16 May 2011


My very fab friend asked me the other day what my style was and i was like errr…then she says she is writing a column on different women and their styles for the magazine she works for and she will like me to write her a paragraph and send pictures. At first i was excited but wondered if i could put “what i thought my style is in writing”…I could mention a lot of fashion items that i adore, i liKe to say; I am fashion “oh dear” if i won the lottery i bet i would be the best dressed woman in the world (haha) no i actually mean it, i stink of confidence lol yh!. Anyway, i woke up this morning, had a shower and got on my lap top and started typing…. 
what is my style…by Margaret Achiekwelu aka Divalicious

What is my style?…I would say glam, which is glamorous and trendy. For me, my style steals the spotlight and be the centre of focus when I walk into a room. For other days, I mix a dressy element like a stylish scarf with something more informal like one of my favourite fitted jeans or tank which is casual chic style if I must say. The casual weekends I slip on a dress that is versatile, adorable and a little sexy. I must admit, I am slowly falling in love with mixing African fabrics with western styles I think it is edgy “iheart”. It doesn’t matter where I am or where I am going, the one thing I always do is toss something glam on, it could be a stylish bag, statement earrings or killer heels as for me it is great for some added attitude.

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