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Saturday, 21 April 2012

"My Gotta Have It" Range!!

Ok dolls I have decided to bring you, "My Gotta Have It" range every "weekend". This range consists of the cheapest to most expensive items I feel I need in my life lool (yuh lame). Yeah a bit lame but i am a very big fan of spending money on things I want but don't need and I have learnt to be more attentive when I am buying stuff I need and not want.

I have found myself coming home from shopping centre obtaining items I don't need and even getting angry with myself for getting what I didn't need and totally forgetting why I went shopping in the first place!

I think it's a good idea to have a little note of stuff like this so you feel contented within yourself and of course we could always deal with the temptation of other stuff calling us when we don't need the additional pair of shoes that we just want to buy for the sake of buying Dammit..lol.. Haha!

Anyway, I stumbled on a blog I follow this morning and I saw some items that I wouldn't mind having. The items where all cheap, in fact ranging from $20 - $10. I mean if you don't see that as a bargain then may be you must have bumped your head somewhere. I would have reblogged but I couldn't find the sign so therefore imma upload the pictures here and of course give a shout out to the blogger. As promised;

I'd like to give a shout out to Kinks-n-All for the items I chose on her blog, very needed indeed!!!!!

Mac concealer : Pro Long wear concealer $17
Nars : Damned Sephora $24
Body shop: Shea butter $18
Shellac: Nail polish
Arm & Hammer: Whitening Booster $5

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